VMware VCP is coming soon!

A few months ago I scheduled my VMware VCP exam.  At the time, they were offering a second chance for free.  Now, if you’re like me, you study to take the exam once..but hey..I couldn’t pass it up and you never know.  While trying to nail down the exam study materials, I quickly learned a couple of things, there is a TON of information that you need to digest AND, you absolutely have to have hands on experience.  Of course, the hands on experience is the fun part so I delved right into it and built my lab at the same time, I purchased some material from Amazon and also downloaded the PDF’s from VMware’s site.

We’ll get to the lab part later as I wanted to share my study materials that i’ve chosen which I am also finding quite useful in the realworld environments that I support.

1. VCP Blueprint Materials.  You can find them here.  You need to create a VMware training login to access the materials.  These materials are indespesable from what i’m seeing on the blogosphere.


2. Blogs.  There are a few blogs that I recommend that are authored by VMware certified professionals and are well known in the industry.  One in particular has been very useful as the author as also written/cowritten a few books:


On Scott Lowe’s site, you will see a book called Mastering VMware vSphere 4.  I have to say that this book sits beside me at work and at home.  Scott has done an outstanding job of laying out, in good detail, how to configure and support a vSphere environment.  He has also has added some advanced guides such as setting up a Cisco Nexus 1000v..etc.  It’s a very good book, and I reference it quite a bit.

Some other blogs worth mentioning are:




These are a few of my favorite blogs that I go to daily.

3.  Hands on Lab or work experience.  My next post, I will be talking about my home lab for testing and study purposes and layout of the hardware, design, configuration..etc.  Stay tuned!!!

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