Excitement is in the air!

2011 ended up being one of the best years both professionally and personally.  To recap:

1.  My beautiful daughter, Isabella Michele, was born, healthy, and is doing great!

2.  I recieved my VCP4 and EMCISA certifications. (on to VCP5 and Cisco Data Center Certs)

3.  I am actively pursuing a new job, hopefully with EMC, just finished the last interview.  It was a long and painful process but learned a lot along the way and got me back into the job hunt/interview game.  I hope to hear something in the coming week or two.

4. I finally was able to continue rennovations on our home with new Windows, and currently working in the basement.

5. I upgraded my home lab and built out a small room to accomodate the equipment.  (Much more work to do)  Here’s a pic:

All in all I have to say that i’m very satisfied with 2011 and i’m even more excited for 2012.  I have a punch list of upcoming projects:

1. Devote more time to the blog and finally finish the vSphere 5 lab posts and move onto vCloud Director.

2. Add an additional compute node to my lab.

3.  Build out a FreeNAS server.

4.  Clean up my cabling and run my main cable line into the DC room.

5.  Obtain the VCP5 prior to the 3/1 deadline so I don’t have to pay for the class.

6. Start the Cisco Data Center Certification track and complete the first Certification by August to reup my CCNA.

7. Get a new JOB (hopefully with EMC and get me in position to become a vSpecialist)

8. Side my house, new Garage Doors and fix my retaining walls and put a driveway into my basement garage.

9.  Get people to read my blog!!!..lol


Wow..that’s a lot, and on top of that continue to be a stellar performer at my current job and learn, learn, learn.  As I get older, i’m finally beginning to see that change is a good thing.  We can get stuck in this “I don’t want things to change” rut and it just causes too much grief.  To me, change keeps the wheels moving, and keeps me motivated, and provides me self-gratification.

Stay tuned..I will be finishing up the vSphere 5 Lab posts very soon (within the next week or so).



2 thoughts on “Excitement is in the air!

  1. Hi. Came across your blog. Great blog btw. I do have a question – how is your electricity consumption on your home lab? I would love to build one at home too but afraid of high electric bills 🙂

    • Alex,

      Thanks for your comments and question. It’s actually not that bad. Of course I do see some increase because I chose server class chassis, and components. You can easily build a couple of mATX systems with low power, and a couple of Supermicro C206 boards with a couple of Xeon 1240’s and 16GB of memory on each host. That would more than suffice for a lab. Get a nice synology or Iomega NAS and a 24pt managed switch for full testing.

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