EMC World 2012: Attending Virtually

I’ve been an EMC customer for the past 8 years starting with our Clariion CX300 DAS.  A couple of years later we upgraded the Clariion to a CX240 and added Brocade SAN fabric.  During that time we ran several workloads, file shares, VMware VDI and Server VM’s, and some SQL DB Volumes.

While not so impressed with the interface at the time (Navisphere) I was thoroughly impressed with the great performance, stability, expansibility, and the fact that I upgraded from a DAS to a SAN within the course of 2 years was great for our business model.  It provided everything we needed and did it very well.

A few years later we upgraded our vSphere Environment to 4.1.  With that brought all the VMware offload features that i’ve grown to love, VAAI, etc and around the same timeframe, EMC gave us a new SAN MGMT interface, Unisphere.  Fast forward, and we had the option once again, to breathe life back into the system by supporting FAST Cache and FAST Tiering .  Instead of doing that and for other business reasons pertaining separation of our Gov’t clients and Commercial clients data, we went with a new VNX.  I do want to say that the Clariion is STILL in our environment running great, and supported for a couple of more years to come.  The Clariion proved to us that EMC was a force to be reckon with in the Storage business.

Based on that and their phenomenal support model, great products, I try to stay current with the new products they release.  EMC World is a great source of information and a great place to catch up on the latest product releases for Storage, Backup, Cloud Products..etc.  Unfortunately, the company budget does not allow me to physically attend any conferences, however, the last couple of years, EMC has really been proactive and have provided access to all of the Keynotes, and a lot of other presentations via the web.  They provide a rich experience for people in my position, and while I don’t quite feel like I’m there, it’s the next best thing.

This is an organization that truly believes in sharing information broadly.   From the rich ecosystem that has been built within and around their business, from active employees on social networks to very active VAR’s all communicating to each other and to the world.

Too me, this what the global economy is all about.  Freely sharing information, and leveraging that information to better not just your business, but yourself.

For this, I say a big thank you to EMC, all the Partners, and great group of people that make up this rich ecosystem that makes my job easier!



Twitter: @EMCWORLD

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