Where have you been???

Well, i’ve been meaning to update my blog and i’ve let it go far too long.  I need to start really putting some focus and effort here.  Some of you are waiting or probably have given up on the Macbook Pro Lab I was building, fear not, the fine folks that created Autolab have updated to version 1.1 now supporting vSphere 5.1. http://www.labguides.com

I am in the process of building the vSphere 5.1 Autolab as I type this and will update my post as soon as i’m finished.

Some other posts coming up will be:

1. Home Lab udpate (additional hardware with a heavy focus on running most if not all workloads in vCloud)

2. Nexentastor (new high performance storage for the lab.  I will still leverage the PX4, which has been rock solid btw, but i’m going to also add another Tier to the vCloud storage with SSD cache)

3. VMware PEX is coming, I will be going to my first, so as a first timer I will update my blog daily with my input on the events, sessions, and of course all the fun “Vegas” activities..

4. My focus will start to turn to Dell as i’m rolling out EqualLogic like it’s my job..oh..it is my job..lol.   VDI is also picking up some steam and while I won’t redo other’s work, especially myvirtualcloud.net and others, I will post my findings on assessment with Liquidware Labs products and all things Dell w/VMware.  Dell released their VDI reference architecture in December and I have to say, i’m very very surprised on what i’ve read..hoping to disect the hell out of it and get some other Dell folks to come to the table and explain some of the thinking.  Here is the link:


See ya soon!!

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