Are you ready for the next evolution?

A little over a year ago I made the decision to make the jump from an Operational IT focused career and work with a reputable Virtualization Partner.  That decision was the first step to moving my career to the “next level.”

Working with TERACAI has brought me that much closer to my end goal, working in a technical marketing role at a major technology leader focused on Virtualization, ideally, VMware, such as Cisco, VMware, EMC..etc.

I found the last 13 months to be eye opening in every way.  From learning the Partner space to interfacing with Customers who face different challenges and providing solutions to meet those challenges.

The key thing I have learned as a SR Virtualization Engineer, was that this was not a hardware focused role at all.  While surrounded by a rich Ecosystem of hardware and software vendors to support this role, they are really just the technologies that provide certain functionality and without the software (VMware) that “stitches” these technologies together in the modern datacenter, well, then i’m afraid their worth drops dramatically.

It’s the software that defines today’s datacenter and it’s the applications that drive us to utilize new techniques of pooling and automation.

A while back, Scott Lowe had an article regarding what would happen to the current day engineer…and the focus was on whether we had to be more software-centric.  As a hardware junkie, of course I was taken aback by it and refused to see the change that’s occurring right in front of my face.  Virtualization engineers do not have a choice.  We HAVE to become more application/software focused, after all, it’s where we live and spend the majority of our time.  We should not be labeled together with today’s network engineer that installs borderless architectures..or collaboration engineers that implement the latest in communication technologies, though most seem to run on virtualized infrastructure today, we are different.  We have to pool and “stitch” these technologies together, architect it the best way, AND now implement management and automation technologies to support said infrastructures….and where do these live, that’s right, software.

Yes, we have to know what hardware infrastructure is right for the job, however, more importantly, the virtualization software product(s) that is right for the job needs to be addressed first and foremost.

To keep this on track, I do want to thank TERACAI for guiding me and bringing me into the partner space.  It is time to move on to a larger partner that is providing converged architecture products as I truly believe that this is the next logical step.  Individual components while they may be around for a while, will go away.

I’m very excited to be joining the SMP team based out of Albany. This is the next logical step in my career and what I believe will be very fruitful.

As for this blog, I will start being more focused.  I have promised more content previously and I feel just didn’t deliver due to time.  This is something I need to manage and will be managing.

I also hope to gain more visibility and if I can help customers, partners, and/or fellow Virtualization engineers, then I feel that it will be worth it.

Until next time…..

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