EUC: Any do we get there?

While EUC wasn’t as prevalent at this year’s VMworld as in the past, it’s still very much on most organization’s radar.  You don’t need to be “tech savvy” to see the true benefits of Desktop Virtualization.  The goal is clearly stated and already defined,  EUC means an environment that allows users to obtain access to their data and applications from any device, anywhere, and to provide the best experience for that device.

Notice I said the best experience for that device.  What does this mean?  Well it certainly doesn’t mean having a VDI desktop from your iPhone or does it?  While there is a View client for a the majority of mobile platforms, does that mean that it offers a great experience?  Absolutely not and many of you already know this, because you’ve seen how fun it is to access your desktop from your mobile device.  New ways of accessing your apps/data from different devices MUST be implemented. The Windows desktop is not conducive to accessing it from a 6″ screen I don’t care what the resolution is…it just isn’t a good experience.  Well then what do we do?  How do we obtain EUC utopia from any device?  Well, we know what needs to be done, it’s not an easy road however.  Application and data access should be seamless from your mobile device.  Does this mean application developers need to create apps for each platform much like they have been doing for years?  Not very productive if you ask me.  It’s my belief that there must be an overlay that allows access to the same applications and complete the exact same functions that you would if you were in the office.  I know, I know..some of you are thinking you just said that it has to be different.  To answer that, the interaction with the application must be in sync with the device you’re using to interact with the application.  The application functionality shouldn’t have to change because of the device you’re accessing it from, it’s the UI that needs to change…such as touch, voice, gestures..etc.

It’s not a question of bringing the desktop to the end-user any longer as we know that can’t work, and will not work, it’s more of a question of how do we build the overlay that will allow the same application functionality via a specific UI for that device.

VMware understands this and is making the investments in R&D to change the UI for devices other than Desktops.  An example of this is the innovations made on the tablet for better interaction with VDI…the problem is it’s still the desktop OS.  We all know how to use a Keyboard/Mouse..etc, now it’s time for real innovation in the VDI UI space.  Stop pushing the Desktop OS as we know it.  It’s time for packaged apps and web technologies for data interaction.  The delivery mechanisms are already there, ie Horizon Workspace…now it’s time to move on. 

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