Reporting from the Field Issue #5: Plan and Document Changes in vSphere

I just completed a services engagement for a UCS installation and a migration away from the Nexus 1000v.  The customer found that they weren’t using the features and wanted to simplify the architecture they support.  Their environment was comprised of a full vSphere & SRM Infrastructure.

Anytime changes are made to a customer’s Virtual Infrastructure, it’s imperative that you understand the impact of those changes that you will make to the current vSphere settings such as SRM.  In this example, migrating away from a third party Distributed Switch impacted SRM network mapping settings within the Inventory mappings. Because we moved to a standard switch model, the names of the Port Groups changed and a remapping in SRM had to be completed.


*example of Inventory Network Mappings between Protected Site and Recovery Site

This all goes back to a process of mapping out changes and what impact they will/can have on the environment.  Prior to any changes, you should first figure out what impact that may have.  Going through this methodically will aid in catching things you may not be aware of or may forget.  SRM is typically not something that’s used or administered daily and can be missed.

Let me also point out that i’m not just talking about SRM here.  I’m also talking about applications as well.  You must understand the changes you are going to make fully as to the relationship of the infrastructure and the applications.

The key to successful administration is to always document and map out things.  This process will help you to build that comfort level and assist in making sure the business runs smoothly through any change in your environment.


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