Installing and configuring the vCenter Support Assistant (5.5)

In a previous post I outlined all the supporting products that come with most editions vSphere.  There is a utility that VMware has created called the vCenter Support Assistant.  In short, this plugin allows for a proactive support model which allows for continuous log uploads in which VMware will compare against a Dynamic Database of known issues and provide you remediation information based on the results of the comparison. You can also create new Service Requests and get the status on existing SR’s. You can find all the details on this utility here:  VMware vCenter Support Assistant.

This post will walk you through the installation of this Plugin.  I chose to prioritize this plugin over the others as it’s my opinion that this should be installed on all Customer environments.  There is no downside to having this feature that everyone is entitled too other than the resources it may take.

VMware provides this plugin in a simple to install .OVA file which can be downloaded here.

I have not done a how-to video, so bare with me.  At the very least, you should get the overview of how easy the installation is.


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