A little over one month ago I posted my personal success guide to passing the VCAP-DCA, which you can view here Prepping for VCAP-DCA .

I’m happy to say that strictly following that guide resulted in a Successful completion of the VCAP-DCA (510) exam.  I feel very fortunate to have had all the support from the community during my studies.  I asked questions, did the labs over and over again, banged my head against the table a couple of times, and went over the material repetitiously.

There are plenty, and I mean plenty of exam experience blog posts out there so I won’t bore you with mine, at least not so much.  I will say this, and it’s been said over and over and over again.  The material is not your enemy here, especially if you are an engineer that does this everyday like me.  Yes there are certain things as part of the blueprint that you do not do regularly or even at all, and that’s what you should focus on. TIME is your number one ENEMY in this exam, period.  Everyone is right, you must be able to multitask, meaning if you are waiting for a task to complete, move on to the next task to start or get an idea of what lies ahead.  My methodology going in  was simple, go through all questions, and complete easy first, mark the ones that you know will take TIME and go back to them when the easy ones are done.  One more thing, just because you can’t complete the whole task doesn’t mean you can’t do part of the task, do the parts you know how to do, so you can get credit for those.  This, more than likely, was key in me passing this exam, as I did what I knew how to do in ALL the questions.

I believe that the good people that took the time to help others with this Exam provided us a primer on successfully navigating this exam and if you follow this to the “T,” and dedicate the time, your chances of success increase astronomically.

1. Get the LATEST BLUEPRINT from VMware and go over it.

2. Take the Pluralsight course.  Jason Nash covers all the exam topics!

3. Reinforce what you’ve learned with hands on Lab Activity and become efficient and doing them, meaning fast.

4. Use Josh Coen and Jason Langer’s Unofficial Study guide.  This was my bedtime reading every night and reinforces what you learned that day.

5. Contact Josh Andrews at SOSTech and ask to leverage his VCAP test environment, very helpful.  I give a special thanks to Josh as he answered all my questions and was very patient with me.

7. Get Chris Whal’s Study Tracking Sheet and use it to validate your strengths and weaknesses.

6. Schedule the test now for 30 days out and dedicate the time.  This puts a real goal in front of your face and motivates you to meet it.  I see a lot of people say study and when ready, schedule the test.  I went about that for a year and every time lost track.  It was when I actually had a test date 30 days out that I had a goal right in front of me that I had to meet that I was dedicated.

Get some good rest before the exam, mine was at 8:00am and I did this for a reason.  It’s been said that you’re brain functions much better in the morning after a good night rest and I’m a true believer in this.

Good Luck.

On to schedule my VCAP-DCD!


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