Simple, the next Data Center model

As I sit on my flight at 35,000 ft. on my way to another Customer, I can’t help but reflect on where the industry is today, ,where it’s going, and how we need to adapt to the Mobile Cloud era. The world around us is changing at a rapid rate, increasingly so as time goes on. The ultra sharp focus on performance and capacity are still touted by industry giants that are delivering the latest hardware and continue to take priority over simplicity and ease of use. Simplicity, a word that is taboo, or so it seams these days.

Things that promised better, faster, easier to the customer have all but fallen flat in the “easy” department.  Vendors seem to have pushed aside ease of use, operational savings in favor of  continuing down the bigger, faster path.

This is why i’m a firm believer in True convergence (hyper and hypervisor converged architectures). They are delivering on the failed promises of the past and addressing what concerns most customers today, how to deliver quickly and provide ease of use with lower operational overhead.  It’s hard to do that in other so called converged architectures that piece together a solution with many different vendors technology, providing no real integration to address operational overhead.

I continue to hear the same concerns from my customers, “when will this get easier Mike?  I don’t have time to do xyz because it takes lot of procedures to deliver in a short time-frame.”  My personal favorite.”I simply do not have the dollars to put in what I need so how can I start with a smaller footprint and build on that premise?”

The answers are coming from companies like VMware (VSAN), Nutanix and SimpliVity, delivering a rapid implementation model, easy user interfaces while still providing traditional performance and capacity with SMARTER and more efficient technologies.  Software is the technical messiah that can and will deliver on the failed promises of the past.  Software can be updated much easier than ASIC to provide additional functionality and software can get better over time. Software that is Hypervisor agnostic, provides simple user management and rapid deployment  and implementation will be the true winner in the Mobile cloud era.  Customers simply do not have the time to manage , operate, and spend enormous amount of dollars on the traditional models and yes I’m lumping in vBlock, flexpod, active infrastructure etc in those models because they have been around for a while but are still not addressing the complexity issue.  Our customers need to start on a foundation that can be scaled up AND down and a simple migration to the next gen should also be a part of that.


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