VMworld 2014 – Thoughts for the week

As you know, VMware holds their annual conference, open to Customers and Partners alike, this time of year.  There is a lot of speculation, a ton of content, and of course new announcements.

This has been a year truly focused on the Hypervisor and Hyper-Converged message.  Whether it’s companies like Nutanix and SimpliVity gaining rapid adoption rates and announcing strategic partnerships with massive tech giants in our Industry like Dell and Cisco to VMware’s production roll out of VSAN, we are starting to see that change is inevitable in the Datacenter and Infrastructure as we know it is moving to Webscale/Scale Out Converged architectures with simple implementation and management models.

In the past, I’ve mentioned why these architectures are unique to anything out there today.  They are embracing “simple” and it is the forefront of their technology.  Simple IS what next gen is about.  Simple implementation, management, scale, operations, and consumption is required to achieve the SDDC vision and others should look at these companies as an example and put much more focus on “simple.”  They will need to embrace this idea as much as they have embraced, bigger,faster in the past few years to remain relevant in the Next Gen Datacenter space.

VMware and EMC know this as well with the cooperative project Mystic which has drawn much speculation from the community as a Hyper-Converged solution (appliance) coming from this partnership.  From the VMworld Marketing and Keynote descriptions, I expect something to be announced around this effort.

When an industry storage giant such as EMC starts pumping R&D dollars and resources into a Hyper-Converged solution, it should send a jolt through the industry of the state of Hyper-Convergence today.  Dell and Cisco have partnered with these fairly young companies with a vision of bringing “simple” to the Datacenter, it just shows that this architecture is valid, and it’s here, AND there are many use cases out there where it’s a great fit.

Working for a Dell partner and their partnership with Nutanix, along with VSAN and a probable Hyper-Converged Appliance from EMC/VMware,  has me excited at the future opportunity to help deliver “simple” to the Next Gen Datacenter.  I truly believe customers will be thrilled at the simplicity (no pun intended) of these architectures which will help address one of the most painful things an IT Organization has to deal with, time.

This is going to be a very exciting and eye opening week!



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