New Opportunities

I am very happy and pleased to say that I have accepted an SE position at Nutanix beginning May 4, 2015.  I am very honored and humbled that an organization of this caliber allowed me to become part of some of the most talented people in the industry.

Nutanix represents the very edge of software development and have been the catalyst for huge disruption in today’s Data Centers.  They represent the very best talent, VMware VCDX’s, Microsoft Experts and Software Defined Storage experts from other well known organizations such as Google and Facebook.

My passion for Hyper-Converged architectures has been no secret from my Social Media interaction here, Twitter and other Forums.  I truly feel this is the next logical step for the data center and many others agree.  The tremendous growth rate of these technologies and the broad acceptance from core vendors such as EMC, VMware, Cisco who have partnered or have built their own foundations around these concepts simply validate the technology and the solutions from companies like Nutanix and others.

On top of that, the Company is well run, where Senior Leaders are visible, open and transparent.  They have vision and know how to execute on that vision.  We have seen many articles, blog posts and social media interaction regarding speculation on acquisitions, technology, etc.  There have been interesting and eye opening articles and social media that try to diminish what Nutanix delivers.  This shows they are a force and are going head to head with the industry giants which are now realizing that they need to respond.

This was not an easy decision for me.  My current employer, SMP, has been very good to me and I publicly want to thank the owners, Eric/Kristen and the entire leadership team for supporting me throughout my time there.

This is just the next stop on the life journey and I am extremely excited to deliver SIMPLE to today’s Data Center!


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