Nutanix: Acropolis

What does that mean, “invisble infrastructure?”  I’m sure a lot of you on some days wish that your infrastructure just worked without a ton of hand holding and investment of time just “keeping the lights on.”

Today, Nutanix fundamentally changes all that by combining our already proven Web Scale Hyperconverged Platform and integrating a unique management plane that allows for what i’ll call, Data Center management utopia. Let’s get into some of the details.

There are a few core Hypervisor choices out there.  All of which have other add on products to enable Analytics, Disaster Recovery, Operational Management, Backup, etc that are run on common 3-tier architecture, each with their own management points.  Yes, there are products such as vRealize Operations from VMware that are able to consume, analyze and report on data from all these management endpoints, however, you still need to typically go to that specific mgmt UI to do anything meaningful like resource provisioning.

How about a true Infrastructure Platform that retains all the benefits of Hyperconvergence and Web Scale that also allow for, Global Cluster MGMT, Single Pane of Glass MGMT for Infrastructure, Hypervisor, DR, Analytics, Capacity Mgmt, and so on? What about a platform that provides choice?  Choice of Hypervisor, many choices of solutions to meet your business need, all managed through a single interface.  Oh, and guess what, we don’t core if you mix and match Hypervisor.  You want to run KVM or Hyper-V in Dev/Test because it’s cheaper, but you trust tried and true vSphere in Production, then go ahead.  You want to move away from spending the $ on Hyper-V and VMware and run all KVM, you can do that too.  The benefits of running all KVM will be complete because Acropolis enables true KVM management within the Prism interface.  See a screenshot below from NutanixCE running in my home lab (This is Nutanix Community Edition and does not represent the entire capabilities of the product):




This is just the beginning.  Stay tuned for more content as the weeks progress.  There are a ton of other features and announcements which I will post here soon!

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